Kona Endurance Performance Analyzer

Take your cycling and triathlon performance to the next level with our free Performance Analyzer!

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What It Is:

  1. VO2Max Calculator: Analyze your oxygen consumption and efficiency by simply entering your body weight and average power from the last step of your ramp test.

  2. VLaMax Calculator: With your VO2Max calculated, enter additional information like height, age, and power from your 3 & 6min test to calculate your VLaMax. This key metric helps you understand your anaerobic capacity and tailor your training accordingly.

  3. In-Depth Performance Analysis: Dive into your cycling and triathlon performance with detailed results like FTP, Vo2Max, VLaMax, Training Zones, Estimated Glycogen Storage, Carb & Fat Consumption at different power outputs, Fatmax, and more. Visual scales and charts help you gauge where you stand, and what you need to improve.

How It Works:

Our 2-step testing system spans two days. On day 1, perform an all out ramp test; on day 2, complete two time trials of 3 and 6 minutes each. Protocols and files for Garmin or Zwift are provided below. Our app will guide you through the analysis process and explain the results.

And yes this is completely for free. Save the $149 or whatever they charge these days and buy some flowers for your girl.

The Test Protocols:

Test Day 1 - VO2Max Test: PDF Day 1 Garmin Zwift
Test Day 2 - VLaMax Test: PDF Day 2 Garmin Zwift

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Step 1: Calculate VO2Max

Enter the average power from the last stable 30 sec of you ramp test.

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