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Florian Bögge

Head Coach & Founder Kona Endurance

Professional Triathlete

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Nico Markgraf

Assistant Coach

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Our Coaching Program Athletes

All athletes shown on this list gave their consent. This is not mandatory to be coached by us.

Lars Dahlkemper

Sport: Triathlon

Your greatest sporting success, best performance or best sporting experience?
Successes and best performances: 1st Ironman finish in 10:13, HM in 1:14, 5k in 16:35, 13km time trial in 17:14. The best sporting experience: 1st place in the team race in Bad Zwischenahn in the Schleswig Holstein regional league

What do you want to achieve in the future?
Hawaii qualification in the coming years. Accordingly, an Ironman in 9: xx.
New PRs in the running disciplines on any route, e.g. Sub 16min for 5k.


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Alexander Düffort

Sport: Triathlon

The biggest success of this year was thewhole sports year! I managed to train continuously, no health problems, made new people and friends through sport. At the end of the day I was rewarded with a wonderful first middle distance run and was able to do a non-stop 300k + bike ride with my training friend.

What do you want to achieve in the future? Continue to build substance in all disciplines. Especially on the bike, when things are going really well, I notice that I can call up performance. I would like to reach this state more often.

Janek Fischer

Sport: Triathlon

PR: HM: 1:20:46

10k: 34:52

What do you want to achieve in the future?

To get the best out of myself and see how far I can make it.


Louis Flöhrmann

Sportart: Triathlon

Since all competitions were canceled due to Corona, I spontaneously did a week of bikepacking through the Alps in August 2020. The wonderful landscapes, the unpredictable mountain weather and the various emotions made this week unforgettable

Where should the journey go? Rock the first middle distance in Kraichgau in 2021 and then continue to improve your performance in a healthy and structured way in the long term.

Lukas Götting

Sport: Triathlon

Achievements: The greatest achievement was definitely the first MD finish after just 7 months of training with you. My first marathon in 2017 was a great experience, which gave me the idea of ​​starting triathlon in the first place.

Where should the journey go? In 2021, the goal is definitely to be healthy, good structure with as much competition experience as possible. Two fast MDs, one of them in Frankfurt in early August. For 2022 I’m thinking about a long distance.


Sven Hahmann

Sport: Triathlon

My greatest success was my 1st 70.3 IM Rügen. Simply because I managed it in the weather-related circumstances and it was great organized event.

My preliminary goal is a long distance in 2022 and then we’ll see if there is even more fitness for other goals.

A bike tour along Route 66 (what’s left of it) would also be a little dream of mine.


Daniel Helbig

Sport: Xterra Triathlon


German Champion AG Crosstriatlon 2019
2nd place Xterra European Tour AG 2019
16th place Xterra WM Maui AG 2019

Where should the journey go?

Not 21 but finish an IM and once in a lifetime IM WC Kona;)


Mathias Hick

Sport: Cycling

My greatest sporting experience or best performance so far was the Fankfurt City Triathlon 2019 as a middle distance (2/80/20) in 4h03m – 8th place, age group, 35 in total. It started badly because I forgot the swimming goggles and had to go into the water without them. On the bike I was able to do a lot and cover the 80km in 1h57m. While running, I was picked up by a few as expected: D Great event and great form for the day for me.

My goals for 2021 are above all to gain experience in bike races, hopefully get some solid results to recommend myself for larger teams, and at least 20,000km 🙂 In addition, a few magic thresholds would be great: 400W or 5.0W / kg FTP, over 500W for 5min, 10W / kg for 1min.

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Jessica Honea

My 2021 goal is to FINALLY upgrade to CAT3 and (maybe) rock my first trail run race (cycling season permitting).
My immediate goal for the 2021 season is to successfully stay with the front pack of a crit race.
My long term training goal with Kona Endurance is to create a healthy pattern of training, maintenance, and to get through a season injury free.

Philipp Johne

Sport: Triathlon

The best sporting experience was actually my Ironman 70.3 in Cascais in Portugal 2018. (My last one, unfortunately, due to back / hip problems in the following year and now Corona) – but here it was a great experience to fly over the beautiful bike course in the best time and then to be caught by my brother during the run and to run to the finish line together overcrowded .


FINALLY after 2 years to finish my first long distance in Frankfurt 2021 (fingers crossed that the hip holds and races can be held again next year – if not, just wait another year

Peter Kronberger

Sport: Triathlon

Greatest sporting success: RAA Challenge 2017 – definitely one of the most beautiful projects. The whole process from training to organizing was simply exciting and the event itself was “the cherry on top”

Best performance: when I am doing my best I am always extremely self-critical – run a half marathon in 1:21 and then think to myself 30 minutes later – hmm, that would be a little better.

Where should your sporty journey go?

– stay healthy and injury-free
– Continue working on your personal project “from driftwood to fish”
– Ironman Austria
– Coastman Norway
– RAA Challenge unsupported
– to run 10k under 35min
– Running a marathon under 3 hours


Robert Lüderitz

Sport: Triathlon

Highlight so far SUB 18min NZC Thanksgiving Run

One day I want to qualify for the 70.3 World champs


Christian Sanco

Sport: Triathlon

Best sporting experience: IM Klagenfurt 2015, my second IM. Except for the last 9km of the run, that was really a pleasure

2018 Transvorarlberg victory in my category

Alexandra Schmidt

Sport: Triathlon

My greatest sporting successes were this year! Your training has turned me from a recreational athlete to an ambitious triathlete within a very short time (9 months). My personal best in the half marathon improved by 15 ‘after just six months and in Ratingen this year I was able to stand on the podium in the AK40.

After the IM Lux was postponed twice, at the time of the second canceled IM appointment I dared my first marathon – self-organized with friends – and reached the goal in under four hours.

Where should your sporting journey go (2021 or in general)?

My sporty journey for 2021 is with the third attempt at the IM 70.3 to Lux, but above all I want to keep in shape and stay healthy! I’m already looking forward to more training sessions

Björn Schuhmacher

Sport: Triathlon

Successes: To have found the way from the non-athlete to the triathlon in 2018. The biggest triathlon experience was the IM 70.3 Kraichgau 2019

Together with Flo, I would like to catch up on the IM Frankfurt, which was postponed in 2020, in 2021 and bring a sub 5:00 to the finish line at the debut of the 70.3 Duisburg. Other than that I can’t wait to see what else I can do and how far I can improve. That’s why I’m happy to have Flo by my side, who gives me courage when I’m battling with some little training lows 🙂

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Philipp Schüler

Sport: Triathlon

Successes: Comeback at the cross-triathlon after an injury, that I had for more than a year.

Where should the journey go: 2021 – Attack fully again and finally get a grip on swimming. General: Finish Ironman


Tamara Seipelt

Sport: Triathlon

The greatest success was my second place category at Transvorarlberg 2018 behind Yvonne van Vlerken. And my best time in the private Ironman 70.3

And for the future I want to survive an Ironman

Tim Sperling

Sport: Triathlon

My greatest sporting success was the league in football at the age of 19.

My next biggest goal is to participate in the world championships at the 70.3.

Lisa Staudt

Sport: Triathlon, Cycling

The best sporting experience: Hike to the Zugspitze via the via ferrata. The feeling of finally standing on top of the summit was really something very special.

Where should I go: In 2021 I want to take a break from the triathlon and dedicate myself a little more to cycling. A couple of really nice and demanding bike marathons in the Alps, the first marathon and one or two mountain climbs are planned.

Michael Spegt

Sport: Triathlon

Greatest success: coming out of the water alive

Goals: world champion curling, 70.3 worlds

Jonas Stobbe

Sport: Triathlon

Greatest success: 2nd place in my home triathlon race with many friends and family members on the side of the road 🙂

Where should the journey go? Constant improvements and qualification for the 70.3 World Championship.


Marc-Sebastian Walter

Sport: Triathlon

The greatest sporting success so far are regional handball championships in youth and the finish of all distances in triathlon within 12 months after the start of the sport, most recently in Zurich 2019. The finish in Zurich was certainly the highlight and probably most of what I have been doing so far a day.

The journey should clearly go towards Kona. The goal is to qualify for the World Champs once. If you do something, you do it right.

Christian Wesendahl

Sport: Triathlon

The greatest success was certainly the participation in the IM 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga in 2017. The best race, however, was the middle distance at the Allgäu Triathlon.

Where should the journey go? The goal is clearly the IM Hawaii qualification


Chrysovalantis Zisakis

Sport: Triathlon

Greatest sporting success: 1999 promotion to the Landesliga Odenwald with the football B youth The template for the winning goal came from me

Where should my sporting journey in 2021 go:

Ironman 70.3 Venice / Jesolo, Kraichgau & Nice.

PR: half marathon

PR: 100 km TT

PR: Ironman 70.3


Some of Our Training Plan Athletes

Christiane Düffort 

Sport: Triathlon

After a break of 25 years, I entered the open water or the swimming pool for the first time about 1.5 years ago. I slowly started to go back into the water. In the meantime I have already reached 1000m meters in a row. For me a great result and a strong mental overcoming, regardless of the pace. Maybe the topic of swimming can actually be expanded!

Where should your sporting journey go (2021 or in general)?

I love to ride my racing bike; I want to continue to improve my basic endurance and improve my speed for competitions. As far as running is concerned, I set myself the goal of being able to run a 10k easily without being completely out of breath afterwards.



Sport: Triathlon

Results: Wien marathon sub 3:55 (2019)


Highlights of the Last Years of Coaching

successfully coached German Champion Xterra AG 2019

74 successfully coached middle distance triathlons ( 16 Firstimer,  23 PR’s )

48 successfully coached long distance triathlons ( 10 Firstimer, 18 PR’s )

a lot of successfully coached Olympic & Sprint distances

32 Triathlon wins

17x Liga Top 10

12x Sub 3h Marathons

4x athletes turned pro

6x Hawaii qualifications