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Our Coaching Philosophy

Consistency is king. This means we attach great importance to consistently delivering good work day after day, block by block and season after season. We make this possible through individual weekly planning, scientific tests, unrestricted contact with our athletes and enjoyment of work.

This close contact gives us the opportunity to make better decisions and to bring our athletes forward in the long term. We see ourselves as a team; only together are we strong.

We never stop learning and are constantly educating ourselves accordingly. Since endurance sport is our passion, we can also be found on the racing courses around the world.

Our Way of Working

The process is simple: test, adjust, communicate, train, and achieve goals.

Testing: We work closely with PA Athletes to achieve the highest standard of testing. There are several methods of performance testing available: at home with a power meter; in the laboratory in Germany; or directly at our headquarters in Hawaii. We can precisely measure Vo2Max, metabolic profiles and your various performance thresholds.

Adapt & communicate: We plan and structure your training plan based on your current performance data. We plan the season together with you, to determine which races or goals make sense. In order to integrate the training perfectly into your everyday life, we plan weekly and are always available for short-term changes and to adapt the training plan accordingly. At the end of the day, the only thing that makes sense is training that fits into your individual life.

Training: We like to work with power data in triathlon and cycling, as this allows us to control training very precisely. However, if you prefer to evaluate your metrics based solely on heart rate or lack access to a power meter, this is totally fine. The training plan will be made available to you via TrainingPeaks with correspondingly detailed information and comments.

Achieving goals: Personal growth and success is great, and even better when you can share it. As a team, we celebrate our athletes and give them the attention they deserve. We have an in-team newsletter and blog on this site and on social media to celebrate. Your success is our success, and we are proud of what we achieve as a team.

 Interested? – These are the first steps:

In the beginning, we want to get to know you. What are your goals? What can we do for you?  When you reach out to us to inquire about coaching, we will reply with a  questionnaire that you can fill out and send back to us.

After we receive your questionnaire, we will arrange a non-binding phone call and discuss the next steps in your journey.