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Female Athletes

No more silence. Over the past decade we’ve been working with hundreds of female athletes and it’s shocking to see how much damage has been done by not talking or spreading misinformation about the function of their bodies. Why? We won’t go into the political debate about this, but we are convinced change starts within every single one of us and therefore we will only talk about what we know so far and what we are looking for in the future. 

Knowledge that will help you perform better


The Menstrual Cycle

Learn about the basic of the menstrual cycle and how the hormones influence your body.


Hormone Power

Make use of your hormones in training & racing.


Nutrition for female athletes

Fuel your body and perform strong. COMING SOON


Mental Power

Mental health is critical to overall wellbeing. COMING SOON

More resources for you 

Learn more about current studies:

“Together, we are pushing the frontiers of female sports medicine in order to improve the health, welfare, and performance of girls and women around the globe.”

“The FASTR Program research topics include a nutrition intervention to improve bone health, the identification of risk factors for bone stress injuries, a clinical validation of a RED-S and Triad assessment tool, and a Pilot study to translate female athlete research.”
“There are a lot of misconceptions about strength training for women, and there are a lot of reasons for those misconceptions. Women are less likely to be represented in exercise research, women are less likely to take part in strength training or compete in strength sports, and there are still a lot of societal biases against women lifting (heavy) weights.”

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