The basic training plans contain a detailed individual online training plan (delivered via TrainingPeaks) with comments to each session. Controlled ideally via watt / pulse on the bike, pulse / pace while running and according to percentage of stress / pace in the water. Examples are 12, 10 or 8 week plans.

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The personalized training plan package includes everything from the basic training plans plus an evaluation and precise training control. We will be in contact to have your progress under control and to adapt the training to your daily life. I also provide assistance on the subjects of nutrition, material and recovery. The aim is to prepare you successfully on all levels for your big day and your perfect season.

(The package is intended for a whole season or for several months. Initial consultation is free of charge. Only limited spots per season – just ask!)

The complete coach package includes: personalized training plans, analysis/evaluation of your daily training, daily communication, technique analysis, TrainingPeaks Premium, the possibility to train with me in Kona Hawaii, personal visits (if possible without travel costs)

(The package is intended for a whole season or for several months. Initial discussion free of charge. Only limited contingent per season – just ask!)

Just write an email to and let me know what your goal is. I’ll send you a questionnaire and then we can start the journey.

Highlights of the last few years

German Champ Xterra AG 2019

74 successfully coached Middle distance triathlons ( 16 Firstimer,  23 PR’s )

48 successfully coached long distance triathlons  ( 10 Firstimer, 18 PR’s )

a lot of successful Olympic & sprint triathlons

32 triathlon wins

17x national league Top 10

12x Sub 3h Marathons

4x athletes turned pro

5x Hawaii qualifications