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A Stronger Tomorrow

    The sun is shining, it’s 77 degrees Fahrenheit outside, I have the whole day off and my bike is ready. Here we go! Or maybe not. My hip is sore and I have an appointment with the doctor. He examines me thoroughly, does his movement tests and immediately sends me to the MRI. The same afternoon he calls me and announces that my sacral joint (my ass) is suffering from a stress fracture AGAIN. As if that wasn’t enough, he expresses concerns that something more than just overloading could be the cause. I am sent to take a blood sample and get an appointment with the rheumatologist … As the German saying goes: The hardest agony is showing you what you can’t have. In a way, this blog is a second part of the “The Struggle in Me” post. I want to show you why I look positively into the future and how I came to this point of view. We all go through ups and downs. You only really become aware of this when you see that the whole world is going through a low or a hard time, like this year. Whether you get destroyed through such a time or come out stronger is up to you. I’ve always been fascinated by how hard fates make certain people stronger. But that doesn’t happen automatically. It is easy to say “hey, you will come back stronger!” But how is that supposed to work? And what does that “stronger” mean, anyway? How we react to bad news is very individual and depends on many factors. Regardless of the starting position you are in (optimist, pessimist etc.) you can work on your point of view. My home was shaped by both… Read More »A Stronger Tomorrow


      2020 sucks a lot of energy! Some have had a few races or have a few more races and some have preferred not to start. What we all have in common is struggling with this year’s uncertainty. Usually Kona is seen as the end of the LD triathlon season, and around this time many people take their season break and switch off. At least those who have already made the mistake of shooting through and not taking a break. What does offseason mean? Ignore all training plans, social media posts from other athletes or training tips for at least 2-3 weeks and take some distance from sport. Especially this year is mentally very stressful and it doesn’t matter whether you pulled it off really hard or took everything a little easier. The offseason serves as a reset button for your athletic existence. Don’t force yourself to sit hard on the sofa all the time. It’s about bringing body and mind back into balance and recharging your batteries for the new season. Go out and hike a bit or read a book, go to the spa, ride a little mountain bike. No matter what you do, do it without compulsion and let your body decide what it wants. Use the time to give something back to yourself. With all the training in addition to the stress of everyday life, you demand a lot from yourself. Why? I’m just losing my whole shape! As I said, you shouldn’t just lie on the sofa. Move as you like. A classic among the training studies (Effects of detraining Coyle: describes very nicely the biggest problem of “training off” in relation to the cardiovascular system: The loss of performance occurs because of the Decrease… Read More »Offseason