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Your Dreams Become Reality

Time to achieve your goals.

No more poor performances, questionable training plans or unavailable coaches.

You deserve the best.

Your life is unique! We want to get to know you. You will get our full attention. We will assess your training history, take all your needs into account and create a training program that’s perfect for you.

Students, engineers, shift workers, doctors to pro athletes. We have experience with all walks of life and are proud to serve with our scientific and longevity centered approach. Combined with over two decades of professional experience we will make you perform and feel better. We guarantee that!*

* If you are not happy after the first month you will get your money back!



We are in the people business. Building a strong relationship with you allows us to reach new heights and make this journey successful. 

With KONA Endurance you are not alone. You will have your personal coach and a team of great athletes who help and lift you up.



Life is constantly changing. We make sure that we are on the positive side of change together. You will be surprised what you are able to do. This is where goals & dreams become reality!

The perfect time to start is NOW.


Let’s start this journey! Book an appointment to talk to us.

Or skip the line and secure one of our limited spots now.

Who we are


Florian Bögge

Founder & Head Coach at KONA Endurance

“In my professional triathlon career, scientific training became second nature. Ankylosing spondylitis ended my racing career, but my passion for the process never stopped. That’s why I founded KONA Endurance here in Kailua-Kona Hawaii. We provide top-tier service & experience for all our athletes. We know that full-hearted coaching combined with a scientific approach guarantees success”


What our athletes say